Karaoke Draws A Crowd

What could possibly go wrong? Iceland challenges foreigners to sing along to The A-Ö of Iceland, a song featuring words and phrases from the notoriously difficult language. What are you doing different to be as authentic as you can making sure you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Interesting the evolution of Innovation can come from something before (incremental innovation) inspiring a modern take on an previous theme or concept. Did the tourism department of Iceland become influenced by previous marketing concepts throughout the world? I think so and why not. As a resident of the East Coast of Canada, how could I forget this commercial back in 2010 from Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism. However, in 1970’s, the Prince Edward Island Jingle, 800-565-7421, promoting tourism was ahead of it’s time (pre-internet) as a radio commercial and the integration of a toll-free number. Innovation sometimes isn’t always thinking outside of the box, it’s about taking what’s there and making it better ensuring the story, tourism, in this case, is easy to share. Source: Inspired By Iceland

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Wayne Jagoe
Innovation and the need to innovate is a constant. As the Canadian Marketing Manager for Louisiana-Pacific, I bring accelerated clarity, innovation and marketing support to the Canadian Sales Team and their Customers.