Saturday, October 31, 2020
Finally it's there, The Skuta Shelter appears ahead of us. Needless to say that after a classic 3 hours of 'slovenian-straight-up' scrambling in the scorching afternoon sun we were happy to see it. 

Maloja Pass

Never get enough of drone pics from the Maloja Pass. ?? Which Ducati would you choose for an adventure in the Alps? ?

A Secret Getaway

  View this post on Instagram   Watching the big flakes fall from a warm floating sanctuary ❄️ A post shared by Huck (@kylefinndempsey) on Nov 28, 2018 at 7:44am PST #change

A Whale Of A Tale  

Off The Beaten Path

  View this post on Instagram   You gotta appreciate the weird quirky people sharing this world with us. They're the only ones making this place interesting. What do I mean? here's a photo I took of someone's actual home. DM if...    
  View this post on Instagram   "Stairway to heaven! Because if you fall, you know you'll land in..." was a joke a local told us ?? But for real, this awesome ladder is part of a via ferrata which i climbed...