Sunday, June 20, 2021


I would like to think the content I curate from around the web will of value to those who ideate and are tasked to fill their Innovation Pipeline. Go ahead, kick the tires, I'm sure you'll find something that's just a bit different, something that's unique you can use as a catalyst to change.



Ideation By Joe Walsh, Life Has Been Good!

Joe Walsh shares how he conceptualized his famous song, Life's Been Good. A little piece of stimuli here, inspiration from Bob Marley there, and a story behind the story. A process that kept him writing, re-writing while giving the song time to bubbling up in the background...

Old Quebec In A New Light

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How A Tesla Engineer Redesigned The Chocolate Chip

Remy Labesque has a compelling day job: He’s a senior industrial designer at Tesla in Los Angeles. But for three years, he has worked on a side project that’s enviable to people outside Elon Musk’s universe. Labesque has reengineered the classic chocolate chip because he says, the...

The Two Students Who Took On Coke And Pepsi

A great article via BBC about how two students could take on Cola Giants overcoming one challenge after another, well done. Students Mirco Wiegert and Lorenz Hampl had decided to set up their own Cola Company, but there was a catch – they had no idea how...

What Is Your Craft?

Over time, the 1000's of hours honing your craft does mean something, however to what end? Will you ever be noticed? Will people even care? Not all will be able to showcase their work in the manner Seth Gould does in this Forged & Filed Video.For every...